Underground Cellar – 5 Tips To Picking The Perfect Wine

Picking out a good bottle of fine wine can be a daunting task especially if you are a newbie. A perfect wine isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience. It engages all the senses; the fruity smell, the silky taste, and the tingling you get when you down the last drop.

  • Pick the Right Wine Store

Good wine stores understand value and quality. If you want to drink better wine, the best thing is to develop a relationship with a good wine store. Good wine stores offer a great selection of bottles and unlike supermarkets that carry wines plus other goods, wine stores like Underground Cellar focus on just wines. That’s their speciality and as such they pay super close attention to their selections.

  • Take Your Time To Figure Out What You Like

Like food, everyone has their preference when it comes to wine. There are some ingredients you may like or not like in your wine. So the first step is to drink different varieties until you find what you like. If you like strong coffee, chances are you may like Shiraz. If you like Citrus Flavors, then try Chardonnay, and if black fruits are your thing, then Tempranillo could be your match.

  • When You Eventually Find a Wine You Love, Memorize The Importer

Most wine importers have a style, and if you like one, there is a high chance you’ll like others.

  • Look For Recommendations

People drop their ratings and recommendations every time. If you aren’t sure what wine to buy, you can get direction from others. See what others are drinking, their favorites, and their reviews. There are apps purely dedicated to helping people find wines they may like. You could also seek advice from a wine shop attendant to point you in the right direction.

  • Read The Labels

Reading labels may not tell you what a wine will taste like but will help you know what exactly you are buying and help you make better choices. Some essentials to look for on the labels are the country/region, brand name/producer, variety of grape, alcohol by volume, and sweetness. Red wines are dry and have a sugar level too low to identify. However, white wines are more delicious.

Finally, enjoy the experience. Wine is supposed to be a fun experience, so have fun.