accessiBe – The Push for Accessible Internet

Although technology has made huge strides in various sectors and economies around the globe, much of the world is still without the internet. All and everything anyone needs to know about anything at all can be found at the click of a button and this has helped several parts of the world to grow and develop exponentially over the last few decades.

The Problem of Lack of Internet.

The lack of access to the internet and therefore information in other parts of the world has translated to so many problems such as social, economic, and structural underdevelopment. Regions without internet connectivity are often characterized by weak economies, poor education, insecurity, and poor health care. They are often left behind while the rest of the world forges ahead in leaps and bounds. This imbalance is not without consequence as the more advanced territories have realized the world cannot forge move forward if everyone does not go together. This is why companies like accessiBe were created to bridge the technological gap by making the internet accessible to every corner of the globe.

Providing The World with The Internet.

There are several reasons why internet services are lacking in many parts of the world. To begin with, they are expensive. Most people can barely afford their daily lives let alone the insane charges that Internet service providers make. These ISPs and the governments of their host countries do not understand the need for internet services as far as business is concerned and they rarely keep up to date with current developments and innovations. Companies like accessiBe seek to correct that anomaly. They seek to provide internet services that are affordable, legislation compliant, and user-oriented. Using automation and artificial intelligence, they strive to make the internet accessible all over the world and particularly to people with disabilities. These are often among the forgotten and most vulnerable members of society. The goal is for them to not only be seen but amply equipped for a better life despite their disability.

Accessible internet will greatly transform a lot of any person, people, or region. It is the beginning of a necessary exposure to the world and a major step toward holistic growth and developm