Why choose a diamond in memorizing your loved one 

You might be wondering what makes turning ashes into diamonds an option for most people. While there might be a variety of answers as to why someone prefers to pick a diamond to memorize their loved ones, there are some answers which are general and which might make you embrace it as the option for your loved ones.

Every person might have their reason and each reason comes with a unique benefit which each person valued as they start their journey in welcoming their remarkable loved one back home in the form of a treasured diamond. The following are some of the benefits:

It just feels right

You might go through the process of turning your loved one’s ashes into a diamond because you feel it is the right thing to do. The intuition speaks louder to you and at times you just know that is what you are supposed to do.

A new beginning

If you were great friends with your loved ones doing everything together, you will prefer to go for the memorial diamonds, where the ashes will be turned into diamonds. It is something that will make a lot of sense to you that you will be able to carry them whenever you will be and thus, continue doing stuff together and be together. And every time you will feel that it is the right thing to do for a new beginning as friends.

For most people, a diamond is known to represent a start of a new journey with a loved one. While there are a lot of memories to be cherished, the diamond will bring a new sparkle of joy, hoping during the darkest journey through loss.

Telling their story

To turn your loved one into a diamond might be perfect as the blue diamond might remind you of the ocean and all the times that you did spend walking on the beach and collecting seashells and just being together as beach bums. Some of the ashes you can spread at the beach.

So whenever you watch the videos or look down at the diamond ring when it is delivered, you will always be reminded of the beach and all the good times that you shared. When it comes to color personalization, going for unique engraving, and a setting that is one of a kind, each diamond has the opportunity of encapsulating what made your loved one quite remarkable. Each diamond has a story that it will tell.

It keeps them close to you even after death

You might at first be skeptical but after some thought, you will figure out that it is the best way of keeping your loved one close to the family. Whenever a loved one’s presence is physically missing, the diamond which is grown from their ashes could be a keepsake that is small enough to wear wherever you go, while remaining radiant enough to ensure that the connection remains strong.

It is unique and personal

Every single diamond is unique, grown from the ashes of a loved one. And during the journey of growing the diamond, the story of the loved one is the one that leads the way. From the initial call that you get to the homecoming of the diamond, you will get the legacy of the loved one being focused on and all the little things which made them very remarkable.