Want To Help Children In Foster Care? Check These 5 Ideas!

More than 13,000 children are in foster care in Arizona, and the national figure is huge to say the least. There are good Samaritans, who have become foster parents, but let’s get real – Foster parenting isn’t a practical choice for every adult who wants to help these children. There are numerous reasons why children end up in foster care- physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, incarceration, abandonment, and medical neglect being some of them. Many organizations are helping kids in foster care and are in constant need of charitable donations in AZ. In this post, we are sharing more on how you can help.

  • Donate. Nothing really beats a cash donation, and while you will get tax credits, it is important to look beyond that. Even a small donation like $50 can help these organizations and nonprofit establishments that have been working extensively for the kids.
  • Donate supplies. If cash donations don’t seem like a good idea, consider going for supplies. Kids in foster care often do not have the basic things they need. Think of toys, personal hygiene products and other supplies that are required for education. You can always ask others to donate, and you can give that to a local organization in Arizona. Remember, any help is always welcome.

  • Try a fundraiser. You will be surprised to know how many teens have raised money for children in foster care through fundraiser. Many people do not help, because they don’t know the cause, or are unsure of how they can help. Spread awareness in the community, ask people to donate, and even small donations of less than $500 can be extremely useful.
  • Mentor teens. Some organizations are looking for adult mentors, who can guide teens on some of the basic aspects of life, finance management, career counseling and other things. Sometimes, just mentoring these teens can make a big difference to their lives. You may not be able to adopt them, but you can shape their life.
  • Think of respite care. People who work for children in foster care also need a break. This even applies to foster parents. You can choose to volunteer for respite care, which is intended to offer a small relief from caregiving to regular caregivers.

Children in foster care are the future of this nation, and each one of us can do something to make life normal, if not better, for them.