The Cost Of Clutter: How Junk Impacts Your Finances

Chaos. Rubbish. Overflow. These are some terms for the items we allow to pile up in our homes. It might be a closet crammed with clothes that no longer fit or an attic filled with old or broken belongings. No matter what it is or where it is, clutter can harm your household’s health and financial well-being. Here’s why you should declutter and refresh your home for better health.

Did you know the typical American home has over 300,000 items? From paper clips to children’s toys, all these small things add up to a tremendous amount of stuff. Sometimes, this accumulation can be harmful. For example, as dust gathers on undisturbed piles, it can trigger allergies and other unwelcome symptoms. These piles can also create tripping hazards.

A cluttered home can also increase stress levels; numerous studies show a connection between clutter and elevated stress. High stress levels — whether from work, home, or other sources — are detrimental to our health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 80% of medical expenditures in the United States are related to stress.

In addition to stress, too much clutter can affect anxiety levels. Individuals living in cluttered environments often report heightened anxiety, which impacts mental and physical well-being. Moreover, research shows that anxiety makes people more prone to impulse buying, worsening the clutter issue.

What can be done about clutter? The first step is to set realistic goals for clearing it away. Often, this means establishing achievable targets, such as defining areas of the house to tackle first. Once you have a plan, start sorting. Experts suggest organizing items into three categories: keep, donate, and discard.

As you go through each area and item, ask important questions about the item’s usefulness, frequency of use, and so on. This streamlines the elimination process and moves the project along quickly. Another option is to seek professional help. A full-service removal company can quickly clear away clutter, making the process more efficient and less taxing.

If left unchecked, clutter can significantly impact a person’s life. The key is to stay ahead of the mess by adopting a healthier approach to purchasing and regularly decluttering. This way, you can prevent clutter from taking over and avoid its negative effects on your health and finances.

The Cost Of Clutter: How Junk Impacts Your Finances, was contributed by Stand Up Guys, offering junk removal solutions in Sandy Springs