Some Of The Best Fireplace Screens For Children And Pets

We are coming to that time of year now where is getting really cold and we cannot wait to get home and put on the fire. The family home just feels so much cozier with a hot roaring fire getting started in the living room forgetting about the cold outside. However, if you are like me and have children and pets you may need something more specific. Now is a better time than ever to try and find the Best Fireplace Screens that are available to make your home safe and to protect your children, pets and yourselves from having any accidents around by the fire. Fireplace screens are massively underrated and they can really help to keep your family safe. That brings us to the question what type of fireplace screen will be best for you? There are actually a wide variety of fireplace screens available all you need to do is to choose the right one for the shape and size of the fire that you have in your home. You may think that having a fireplace screen may not go with the decor of your home or that the room with the fire in may not seem big enough but there are so many available that the fireplace screen that you choose will no doubt enhance they appear at the fireplace in your home and there are certain ones that can even be more decorative and go with the look of your room.

One of the first and most important factors when choosing a fireplace screen is that you choose the right size, one that is designed to fit the width of your fireplace and protect the hearth area. One of the simplest types of fireplace screens is that of a single panel screen, they are very easy to handle and easy to move so that you are able to add word to the fire and they also fit with the fireplace. Single panel fireplace screens are usually very basic although always clean and modern and provide ample protection for those in your home. If you are looking to choose a fireplace screen that doesn’t need moving then there is the option of having a fireplace screen with doors. These are very elegant looking fireplace screens and they are probably the most popular due to the appearance and because they are easy and safe to use. A fireplace screen with doors it’s also a perfect choice for homeowners with limited mobility or if they have trouble lifting wood for the fire over a single panel fireplace screen.

If you do have children or pets then you should really consider getting a childproof fireplace screen. These screens are specially designed to sit back away from the hearth of a fireplace to make sure that children and pets cannot get close to the fire, this in turn adds extra safety and protection. as we go no pets and children are drawn to the warmth of the fire but to protect them from getting burnt or going too close to the fire it is absolutely necessary to use a protective fireplace screen.