Signs That Your Pet is Bored and What to Do

If your dog could have his way, he would most likely want to stay in the dog park, running in the fields with other dogs all day long. Unfortunately, life can’t always be that way, as their humans have jobs and can’t spend every waking moment keeping their dogs entertained.

However, when your dog is left alone without toys or stimulation, they end up feeling bored. That boredom leads to frustration, and that results in trouble!

So, how will you know when your dog is bored? Here are the telltale signs:

  1. They chew a lot

It doesn’t matter how many dog toys your pet has from Peggasus Pets! If your dog is bored, he will chew on everything, from your favorite shoes down to the walls of the house.

  1. They dig a lot

Bored dogs would end up trying to make some fun of their own by digging a LOT, which may ruin not only your home but your lawn!

  1. They are overexcited

While your dog is always happy to see you and other family members, you may notice that he greets TOO excitedly. If his greetings are even happier and more hyper than usual, he’s most likely bored, and even suffering from separation anxiety, when he’s alone.

  1. They lick excessively

Dogs licking themselves is a way to stay clean, or you may find it affectionate when he is licking you. However, there are cases where excessive licking may show that your dog is bored.

  1. They try running away

Do you notice that your dog is constantly trying to make a run for it every time he has the chance? Then it may be because he is bored at home and needs more stimulation from toys or more time outside.

  1. They’re pacing

Humans would pace when they feel anxious or fidgety, and the same would go with dogs! Because they are bored, they have pent-up energy in them and would use that extra energy to pace around rooms, halls, fences, or wherever he is.

  1. They pant or scratch without reason

Does your dog pant or scratch without any physical exertion or explanation?

There are different reasons why your dog may pant, but if you have ruled out pain, exhaustion, or breed disposition, it may be from boredom and/or anxiety. The same goes for scratching if you have ruled out any allergies or fleas. Barking may also be a cause of boredom, with your dog trying to find ways to entertain himself!

  1. They destroy their toys

Your dog may find it fun to destroy his toys, or worse, things around him. If you see him trying to remove stuffing from stuffed toys or your couch, he’s probably bored while you’re out.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure that you combat the doggie boredom by keeping your dog engaged with the proper toys. Furthermore, they should be trained to behave well and know what items they can and cannot play with. By learning the signs of when your dog is bored, you can spot their frustration quickly and do something about it before disaster ensues.