Several key reasons for choosing Trex composite decking

Well, that was a fantastic success. You and your loved one had finally moved into your new abode after you spent a couple of months getting it into perfect shape after taking possession of something that needed plenty of work doing on it.

Your barbeque saw friends and relatives all come round to socialise as you proudly showed off your endeavours and where you are likely to stay for many future years. The feature that received a lot of attention and compliments was your Trex decking, for several key reasons.

  • You knew that you were onto a winner when you visited a company supplying Trex, who have been on the go for 70 years, offering all that experience to their customers. Known as ‘The Timber Experts’, for good reason, you knew that you were in safe hands purchasing from them.
  • Trek is a composite material, used as an alternative to wood, that is made from an innovative blend of 95% recycled timber and plastic, meaning that it is eco-friendly. Trex is a name that cares about the environment, lots of plastic and wood from landfills each year, so by using the product, you knew you were also helping the planet.
  • The product is extremely attractive, with many not realising that it was a composite rather than wood. The range of attractive colours has allowed you to make your decking an outstanding part of the home.
  • It is easy to clean and doesn’t suffer when exposed to the sun, which comes with a 25 year limited warranty against fading and staining. Trex is hard wearing, scratch resistant and easy to piece together, even for someone with limited knowledge. Installation was quick and easy, with the supplier also offering valuable advice.
  • You were delighted to find that Trex offers excellent value for money, something that helped you no end when budgeting for your home improvements. It provides low maintenance and offers a high performance, which means that there will be no need to replace it owing to its excellent longevity.
  • Other accessories were also available made of the same composite, so you have also installed fascia boards and fencing around the house which are fixed together by connector clips.

Trex has transformed the look of your home, and it was quick and easy to clean up after the barbeque, even after some spillages. And you know that you have also helped the environment with your selection.