Robert Testagrossa – Mistakes People Make When Investing in Crypto

There are more people than ever before who are looking at investing their money in crypto, which is in turn helping the market to stabilize. The majority of people who do invest in this market actually have been found to have never invested in anything before, which is also good for the economy. With this being said however this lack of experience has shown that many people make mistakes when it comes to their investments and experts like Robert Testagrossa are warning of the dangers of this.

To avoid making mistakes, we should learn what they are, and these are the most common errors which investors are making.

Failure to Research

As obvious as it may sound, knowing what you’re investing in really is critical, yet we are still seeing many who aren’t doing this. Crypto is a market which has created a great deal of FOMO amongst investors and there are many who are just jumping onto coins which they really don’t know much about. There is so much talk on social media about the ‘next big thing’ and investors are then spending money on those coins without understanding why.

Failure to Secure

Security has to be your number one priority when investing in crypto because of its decentralized nature. What this means is that there is no bank in place to secure your cash for you, or to help you out if there is a security breach. If you are hacked and the money is taken, there will be no way of getting it back. Investing in a hardware wallet is the best way for you to keep your investments safe.

Not Taking Profits

This is an incredibly volatile market and the mistake which many are making is not taking profits when they can. It may seem great when the sun is shining and the prices are rising, but the coin value can drop at just the same speed and that will leave people wishing that they had taken profits out when they could have done. Even taking out 10% when the going is good would be a smart way to keep making money from the investment.

Wrong Wallets

Thankfully we are seeing less and less of this behavior but there have been some people who have sent their crypto to another wallet, and made a mistake when typing in the address. If you do send your crypto to a wallet which isn’t yours, it is gone forever. Using QR codes for your wallet and triple checking the address will prevent this from happening.

Buying Direct

A lot of crypt wallet providers have exchanges where you can buy and sell, and they also sell and buy coins directly. The price difference is huge however and you should always ensure that you are buying and selling on the exchange only. This will give you the very best value for your coins, and it is much easier to use that it first appears.