International School Opening Days – How to Spot a Great Preschool Teacher

Choosing a school for your kids can be difficult, especially when they are so young. As a parent, you are naturally cautious and leaving them with someone you do not really know is never easy. When picking a preschool, use your time to assess the teacher during the schools opening day. Here are some things to look out for which will help you identify a great preschool educator.

Teaching Style – As you wander around the school during the opening day or during a scheduled visit, make sure you take some time to observe an international preschool teacher in action. When visiting an international preschool in Bangkok, you must use this time to see the teacher interact with their students. This will tell you a lot about their style and relationship with the class. A good preschool teacher should keep their teaching style lively and unpredictable.

Leadership Qualities – Good preschool teachers must have excellent leadership qualities when dealing with young kids. At a young age, children need leadership or else they run wild. Standout preschool teachers know how to influence their students to guide them in the right direction. They should motivate and encourage each one of their students to be successful.

Innovative – When assessing preschool teachers at an international school, you should look for creative individuals. Young kids get bored easily and they need good teachers who are innovative with their teaching methods. Teaching in an innovative manner keeps students engaged and encourages them to get involved in classroom activities.

Compassion – To be a great preschool teacher, teachers must have compassion. They should understand each student and look to help anyone who struggles with the curriculum. They should never judge or find favourites; everyone should be given the support and attention they deserve.

Passion – Lastly, a great preschool teacher must have a passion for what they do. Many teachers get into their profession for different reasons and some of them often teach for many years without having a passion for it. When observing a preschool teacher in action, you will quickly see if they love their job or not.

Many things make a preschool teacher great, and this article has highlighted some of the most important ones. In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, you should also look for qualities such as good communication skills, great classroom management, knowledge, energy, flexibility, patience, and an engaging personality.