Four Garden Renovation Ideas For This Summer

Coronavirus lockdowns have left many people stuck indoors, unable to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. In this article we are going to discuss four ideas to renovate your garden, making it a space to which you can escape and relax.

Tidy Up

The first and quickest way to renovate your garden is merely to tidy it up. Remove unsightly weeds and mow the lawn. If you have a fishpond, temporarily rehome your fish and give the dam a good scrub. Revive paved areas by removing any moss or dirt with a long-handled brush. Lastly, plan the layout of your anticipated garden so that you have a clear picture in mind to work towards.

Cultivate Flowering Plants

There are many benefits to planting perennials in your garden. They maintain soil cover, convert carbon into oxygen, and allow other plants access to more water; great ideas for perennial plants in UK are:

Lavender and Rosemary – not only do these two plants smell great and add a pop of color to your garden with their beautiful purple flowers, they also repel mosquitoes, which will allow you to enjoy your garden all summer, including the evenings.

Geraniums – these plants are great to add color to your garden in the shadier areas and are known to be hardy during drier, colder months.

You can also do your part for the ecosystem by planting pollinator-friendly plants such as foxglove, snapdragons, asters, and delphiniums. These plants attract both bees and butterflies that will pollinate your garden.

Add an Outbuilding

One trend that is at the forefront of garden design is erecting an outdoor structure. This can be utilized for many different purposes such as a reading room, a hobby room, an extra guest room, or even an outdoor dining area. There are many different types of outbuildings available, but our recommendation would be to consider a log cabin. These wooden structures are extremely versatile and come in a variety of sizes and can be custom made to suit your individual requirements and budgetary constraints.

Many people who opt to use their log cabin as an additional accommodation space have even been known to generate an income by listing their room on Airbnb.

Utilise Vertical Space

If your garden is walled, a great idea is to put up a trellis, on which you can have plants that climb such as rambling roses or even strawberries. Not only are these plants both colourful, they are also edible.

Another excellent way to utilise vertical space is to purchase a self-watering pot system. The small pots are easy to maintain and allow you to plant many different items in a small, enclosed space. These plants can be anything from flowers, to herbs, or even tropical plants. Some gardeners Have adapted these systems to recirculate the water. In these cases, the gardeners have added fish to some of the guttering pipes as the fish waste adds nutrients to the soil.

These are simply four tips to grease the wheels of your imagination about renovating your garden. The Internet is filled with great inspiration ideas. All you need to do is take the first step and that is, let me give my garden a new lease on life. We promise that once your gardening project is complete, you will definitely spend time outdoors.