Extend The Lifespan of The uPVC Windows in Your Home

If your existing windows look tired and worn, there may be an alternative to spending a substantial amount of your hard-earned cash on replacements. The overall aesthetic look of your property is important as it reflects upon you and your reputation; as a vital component of this, your windows should look their best. There is a relatively new efficient process that can extend the life of your windows by at least ten years; this process is Upvc spraying. Using high quality, durable paints in a wealth of colours can transform the exterior of your home with a stunning new look.

What Is Involved?

An experienced team normally completes the process of Upvc window spraying within a single day; their work would follow these steps –

  • After clearing the area and the laying of protective sheeting.
  • Removal of silicon in the window frames.
  • The frames are cleaned and de-greased to produce a flawless surface.
  • An abrasive material scratches the surface of the frames to ensure the paint adheres properly.
  • The windows are masked with tape to ensure there is no overspray.
  • Spraying takes place with two layers of the chosen paint.
  • After drying, following the masking tape removal, the silicon is re-applied.

The effects are immediately apparent when completed with a remarkable improvement in how your property looks.

A Saving to The Homeowner

The replacement cost of any significant fixture in your home usually is quite substantial, and windows are no exception; depending on the number of separate fixtures, the cost can run into thousands of pounds. Choosing to have your Upvc windows sprayed would cost around 20% of the total needed for a complete replacement project; with savings of that magnitude, it indeed is something worth looking into.

Can Be Used Elsewhere on Your Home

Using the same paint to create a fantastic overall look for your home, it is possible to use this increasingly popular process on other fixtures on your property. Your front door, gutters, facias, and garage door can be sprayed and re-invigorated to completely transform your home’s overall look and add value to your property. It is also possible to utilise spraying on tired, dated conservatories where the Upvc has faded; an added bonus is that it is possible to use specially formulated paints that can extend the life of the fixture.

Also Being Used Internally

Upvc spraying is so flexible and straightforward that it is becoming an option when looking to refurbish your kitchen. The kitchen units, when sprayed, are transformed, and again, the benefits when considered against purchasing new kitchen units bear no comparison.

A Further Issue to Consider

Using the Upvc spraying process also has an environmental impact; by prolonging the life of your Upvc windows and doors, you are preventing it from becoming a landfill. Decreasing the amount of material placed in landfills directly impacts other environmental areas.

There are numerous benefits to using this excellent affordable process to improve your home’s aesthetic qualities; by transforming your property, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbours.