Easy and Fun Edible Candy Slime Recipe for Kids and Adults

Kids love to play with slime and eat it too! So why not combine the two? That is what we did with this edible candy slime recipe. Slime made with edible sweets is the ideal kid-friendly snack. It is a pleasant and tasty method to keep them busy while you complete your chores or your assignments. This recipe only requires a few simple ingredients and is easy to prepare. Read on to learn the easy method for making edible slime that children and adults will enjoy.

How to Make Edible Candy Slime

Before we jump into the process, let us look at the ingredients we need to achieve this yummy candy slime!


To make candy slime, you can get a slime kit or the following ingredients:

  • One bag of your favorite candies
  • Cornstarch or corn flour
  • Powdered Sugar


●      Step 1

Gather resources. To cook on the stove (or in a microwave), you will need a pot of water, a few small glass bowls, and other supplies. Unwrap the candies, then sort them by color. Place each color in a small glass bowl.

●      Step 2

Mix a quarter cup of powdered sugar and a quarter cup of cornstarch.

To melt the candy, boil a pot of water and lay the glass bowl inside. (This creates a double boiler effect.) Stir often to avoid scorching. After melting, turn off the heat. Additionally, you can cook it in the microwave in increments of 2 to 30 seconds while stirring.

●      Step 3

Place the candy onto a smooth surface sprinkled with a combination of cornstarch and sugar powder, and wait about five minutes. Proceed with caution, not to get burned, as the candy will be very hot!

●      Step 4

Mix the powdered sugar mixture with the melted candy. To get a lot of air into the dough when kneading, pull and stretch it. It will become less sticky and more elastic as a result of this.

Candy slime has limited playtime because it is only supple and flexible when warm. When playing, keep your hands clean to allow for safe eating.

You can keep it for a few days in a sealed container.

Why Should You Get a Slime Kit?

Making slime is a fun and entertaining way to learn about science. Learning about slime’s various properties helps kids better understand the world around them. The slime kit has everything you need to make slime, including colors, scents, and flavors, so you can make all the slime you want! You can even use the magnifying glass in the kit to see how your slime reacts to certain stimuli.

Each type of slime kit has its own unique ingredients. For example, the ingredients in Elf Cake Pops slime differ from Pop Rockin’ Fireworks slime ingredients. Kids are inspired to learn and love science by using slime kits.

There you have it! Your favorite candies can now be turned into edible candy slime, providing a tasty snack.