BCFS Health and Human Services Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications Joins Board of Trustees of the San Antonio Water System

BCFS Health and Human Services, a global nonprofit organization, supports its employees’ accomplishments both on and off the job. It recently noted the appointment of Marilu Reyna, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, to the San Antonio Water System (SAW) board of trustees. Reyna is also a board member at the Port San Antonio and joins SAWS after the city council approved her place on a vacant seat.

SAWS is a public utility organization. It’s owned by the City of San Antonio and was created in 1992 after the combination of three other utility agencies. After the voting for Reyna’s seat, she now represents the southeast part of the SAWS service area until the end of her term on May 31, 2022. Her appointment earned notice from the Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg. He said her work with BCFS Health and Human Services would prove an asset for SAWS, stating “You’re going to be a tremendous fit in this era of SAWS.”

An attendee of San Antonio ISD schools, Reyna completed both her graduate and undergraduate degrees from St. Mary’s University. Supporting her appointment to the SAWS board were Phyllis Viagran, District 3 Councilwoman, and Manny Pelaez, District 8 Councilman. These members mentioned Reyna’s challenging work with BCFS Health and Human Services and her understanding of business as key elements that will make her successful at the board position. Viagran said Reyna can take SAWS into the future and will use her collaboration skills to help the board fix problems.

BCFS Health and Human Services is a global nonprofit organization run by intelligent and ambitious employees like Marilu Reyna. The organization helps several at-risk populations including:

  • Adults with disabilities
  • Youth from foster care
  • Low-income parents
  • Families in crisis
  • Minors separated from their families
  • Orphaned children, and many others facing hardship