5 Accessories That Make Winter Watersports More Comfortable

‘Tis the season when many watersports enthusiasts will once again begin stashing their boards and hanging up their goggles as the cold weather sweeps through the country. This is especially difficult for some as winter is a period of more regular isolation and without our regular endeavours into the wild, we can often find our wellbeing lacking.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right equipment and accessories, watersports can be enjoyed during winter as fully and, importantly, as safely as during the warmer months. So, if you are writing your Christmas wishlist and want something that will ensure your favourite activity remains just as comfortable during the festive season, then we have some of the best ideas for you.


Perhaps not the most glamorous of accessories, earplugs are nonetheless one that will be most valued when experiencing colder water. The reason for this is that cold water can cause short and long term health issues when it comes into contact with our ears, even causing surfer’s ear.

Not only is it important to avoid such ailments but being submerged will also cause disorientation more easily and you will generally find it more comfortable to wear earplugs.

Changing Robe

Recovering from cold water can, in the moment, feel like a significant hurdle with your body not being able to get warm quick enough. This is even more problematic when the air temperature outside of the water is similarly chilly, which is why it’s important to be dressed for winter when enjoying your activity.

A changing robe helps to dry you speedily, while also offering the plush snugness to ensure that you are entirely comfortable when getting back onto dry land.

Neoprene Boots

To complement a wetsuit, boots are recommended, especially those that are made of the same high-quality material, neoprene. This will help to keep the feet warm during swims, as well as helping them to keep a strong grip upon surfboards and paddleboards. Many swimmers also choose to wear them so as to better navigate rough terrain during low ocean tides.

Thermal Hats and Hoods

While it may not be true that the majority of heat is lost through the head, it is a part of the body that experiences the cold just as most others. It is, however, prone to dizziness and similar ailments when subjected to sudden or prolonged cold, which is why a thermal cap is recommended for comfort during swims.

For those engaging in board-based watersports during the winter, even the addition of a snug, warm hat, preferably one with natural fibres, will make a significant difference to one’s endurance and comfort.

Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Those driving to their favourite watersport spot will know the potential issues and discomforts that arise from a wet car seat. And, when you’re hurrying home as quickly as possible, you’re often faced with a trade-off. A waterproof car seat solves all problems, allowing watersports enthusiasts to seek refuge in their vehicle without the cost of damp seats.